1949 Red Willys CJ3A Jeep

1949 Red Willys CJ3A Jeep, very stock, never really restored, just rebuilt as needed along the way. Body has been repaired some, but looks good. Flathead L134 engine rebuilt, still 6V, brakes all redone, new Best Top, 4 fairly new NDT tires, my driver Jeep, pretty at 20 feet, but not afraid to go off road. The Newgren Buzz Saw is as found, unrestored. I have all the rear PTO assembly, but it is not installed. This saw is draw bar mounted and a Willys Special Equipment Option. Be the hit at the next Working Willys Show. Price for both is $7000. Might split, Try Me.   Glenn Byron,   Smithfield, Maine    glenns@tdstelme.net

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