1947 Willys Overland station wagon

Here's a rare woody wagon in original unmolested condition, the only thing missing is a surf board.
1947 Willys Overland station wagon
MODEL: 4-63 two wheel drive
ENGINE: L-134 Go Devil has a rebuild tag and starts & runs
TRANSMISSION: Column shift 3 speed with overdrive
VIN: #19000 the number didn't show very well in the picture
ODOMETER: 76976 miles
CONDITION: Original unrestored
ORIGINAL PAINT: the first picture was taken a few years back and shows what the paint looks like when cleaned and waxed, the remaining pictures are all up to date
5 ORIGINAL RIMS: all five rims are matching color and have the yellow pinstipe
HUBCAPS & TRIM RINGS: have 5 hubcaps and 4 stainless trim rings......the spare doesn't have a trim ring
ORIGINAL SPARE TIRE COVER: the tire cover is worn but has no rips or split seams, check the picture it only covers the rubber.........when was the last time you saw one of these?
ORIGINAL STEERING WHEEL: lovely old ivory colored steering wheel, sure it's not perfect but one of the nicest I have seen in an old jeep wagon
ORIGINAL KNOBS, HANDLES, SWITCHES ETC: check the pictures, nothing is missing here
ORIGINAL HEATER: nice looking heater with factory decals still intact........look at the pics
ORIGINAL SEATS: a complete set of factory seats including the third row jump seat....the upholstery on the front seats is poor condition
GAGE CLUSTER: great looking gage cluster with a working back light.........supposedly all gages work but have some OEM spares that are included just in case
FRAM FILTER: check out the picture of the oil filter with factory decals, I had to wipe a little grime off for the pics but the entire engine bay is unmolested and should clean up well
ORIGINAL FLOOR MAT: vehicle has the original factory rubber mat for the front compartment, sure it has a couple of splits in it but it's all there
ORIGINAL DOOR SILLS: not sure if that's what you call them but they are ruuber and are stamped OVERLAND WILLYS I have the screws that hold them in place as well but were 
                                     removed to check the condition of the metal underneath
ORIGINAL PEDAL PADS: factory rubber pads still in place for clutch, brake and gas pedal, these are matching in color to the floor mat and door sills, sort of a grey color
INTERIOR WOOD PANELS: all original and all there, a few of the screws are missing and I think I have most of them
CANCER FREE: probably the best feature of this wagon, the floor pans and panels are rock solid. there is a bit of scaling under the floor mat in a couple of spots due to moisture 
                       being trapped but it is only on the surface.  The frame and undercarriage are rock solid as well and just as clean as my Dad's 01 Grande Cherokee. There is           
                       some patina on the hood and roof where the paint has faded away and some surface rust on the rear door hinge area.
INSIDE HOOD RELEASE: yes it's factory installed.........didn't even know they had this option in 47
FRONT ARM RESTS: as you can see in the pics the arm rests were replaced at some point, I found one of the original ones in the back and purchased a mate for it, haven't got
                                around to installing them yet
BUMPER JACK: as shown in the picture, I found this under the front seat, possibly original....it looks old......well used too......must of had a few flats over the years
OWNERS MANUAL: this is an original replacement and is included as well as the other items in the pictures including the gas filler spill pad
BRAKES: vehicle needs complete brake job, the master cylinder has been resleaved and I have a set of OEM shoes as well
ENGINE MOUNT: engine needs the rear mount installed.....I have an OEM in the box
TIE ROD END: passenger side tie rod end needs replacing
CRACKED GLASS: passenger side front glass and drivers door glass are cracked
BODY SCRAPE: there is a small spot on the lower passenger side rocker behind the door that was damaged and now has a couple of tiny rust perferations, see close up picture. this 
                        area was pushed in against a body brace and had trapped some mud in there causing the rust
CARBURETOR: the carb needs a kit installed, I have the parts and should have the job completed soon
BODY REPAIR: a small repair was made on the drivers side where the hood meets the cowl, the bondo now shows some cracking........see close up
DRILL HOLES: at one point the vehicle had front and rear signal lights mounted to the sheet metal, the mounting holes are still visible
HEADLINER: probably the biggest dissapointment although not a major issue, as you can see from the picture, a family of mice got in there while the wagon was in the barn
The wagon hasn't been on the road for many years but obviously had an engine rebuild at some point before it was retired. It starts up and sounds strong but that's as far as I got.
I have close to six grand invested in the Willys but will take any offer over $5000 as it should be worth that much in parts alone. You can reach me at 403-327-8786 or email smithouse@live.com for more pictures or information. The Willys is located in Lethbridge Alberta about an hour north of the Montana border on I-15

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