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1945 Willys CJ2A

Updated 10/8/17. The original starter, distributor and carburetor have all been rebuilt. The motor starts easily. It runs smooth and cool with no smoke. The oil pressure is good and there are no "funny" noises. Checking cold compression after the motor had been "run in" yielded 94 psi on #1 and 90 psi on #'s 2, 3 and 4. The original 6V generator also works. The Jeep does start, run, shift, steers, has brakes and does drive and will be sold as such. It will require more service to make it a truly "road-able" vehicle and it is a great candidate for a rare american classic!

If you're looking for a true American icon that is in very restorable condition this could be for you. The Willys CJ2A "Jeep" was the first jeep made available to the public in numbers after it became the vehicle so widely loved by the allies during WWII. The 1945 model is the first born of the civilian jeep family and began the civilian lineage for ALL the jeeps that followed. There were 1824 units produced for the 1945 model year. It appears as though there are 40+ units registered in the "CJ2A Page" webpage forum so it is a very rare beast. This one was originally pasture green. The body tub and tailgate ACM #'s are 2122. The body and frame tags are in the correct positions so I assume them to be correct. The engine S/N is 11725-B. It runs well. Compression runs from a high of 88 psi on #3 to 70 psi on #2. Oil pressure is 20 psi at idle to 40+. The original column shift linkage is gone but the transmission still retains the side shift attachment points. I do have the correct, restorable transmission, column and transfer case with E-brake to return this Jeep to the original column shift/drivetrain configuration. The clutch works well and it shifts nicely. The original transfer case was replaced by a later, larger diameter idler shaft style, which functions well. The rear axle appears to be date coded 9 18 45. I could not determine the date code on the front but it is the earlier style with bolt on control arms. The starting system was switched to key operated solenoid style. I also have the correct parts to return to the original "foot start” system. I believe the carb, generator and distributor to be original. The radiator does not leak. The previous owner did have some relatively recent service done in the rebuild of the transmission and the rear axle. The brake system is operable but does need service. The chassis is very good! There was some better than average repairs/reinforcements done at the crossmember below the radiator. The rear draw bar was altered but it's way better than virtually any other CJ of the same era I've seen. The body is also way above average on a comparative basis. There is rust in the floors, hat channels, lower tailgate edge, tail gate frame and front fender trailing edges but it is very straight and solid in all other areas. Definitely NOT a case for tub replacement, only repair panels. Overall a jeep in very nice shape considering the year and what many of these vehicles have been subject to. A very restorable jeep of great historical significance and value!

Price: $4050/OBO

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