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1954 M38A1 Willys Military Jeep

This is an original military Jeep from the Korean war years. Excellent condition, fun to drive! This is the real deal!

The 1954 M38A1 Willy's Overland Jeep is the first Military Jeep to have the rounded front fenders so commonly associated with Jeeps. The M38A1 was produced between 1952 and 1957, and only 80,290 were produced for military use. Most of these Jeeps have been lost forever, however some still exist. Most of these Jeeps are in poor condition, and require a great deal of money to restore.

My Jeep was reportedly owned by a military man who planned to restore it in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. In 1994, I found this Jeep in an old junkyard in Chattanooga, TN under an old tarp (it did not run, but it had virtually no rust). Over the years I brought the Jeep to life.

Jeep Notables:
The engine and running gear were rebuilt to original specs by Vintage Jeeps Inc. 2008. The 24 volt system was converted to a 12 volt system for reliability *** The generator was replaced with an alternator for efficiency *** The Wiring was replaced and the fuse block is now protected within a waterproof box *** Both seats are original with NOS canvas
NOS vacuum assist Wiper Motors come with the Jeep (not currently on the Jeep) ***
Original data plates and 1955 M38A1 Operators Maintenance Manual included.

I hope that someone else can enjoy and preserve this vehicle as I have. I highly recommend getting one (like this) that is already restored and fully operational. If you try to buy a Jeep in poor condition and try to restore it to the present condition of my Jeep, prepare to spend some money.

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Price: $7,500
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